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350KW Dry Coolers are in production

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350KW Dry Coolers are in production.

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350KW Dry Cooler

Dry Cooler Application: Diesel power station

Offshore platform power supply system


Dry-type transformer

Hydroelectric generator

Thermal power generator

Thermoelectric power plant

Thermalol Kraftwerk

High voltage motor

Underground substation

Ventilated industrial refrigeration

power transmission converter cooling

Used as Building Air Conditioning

for liquid immersion cooling tanks

Process Cooling in Chemical Industry

Cooling Down STATE MINT Production Machines

Salmon Processing Plant

heating for different buildings

Weather Forecasts Data Center

Mobile Phones Research and Development Centre

Exclusive Sweets Production Plant


air conditioning for business centre

Flower nursery

production line of a pharmaceutical plant

Plastic to Oil Application

Energy & Process Cooling

for the Wine Sector

organic yogurt processing

Dairy Products

for the process cooling system of swimming pool

Dry Cooler for Coastal Environment

Cooling the Engine at the Power Plant

Cooling System of Barkery and Ready-to-eat Products

food industry

Refrigerated storage

Logistic Refrigeration

Refrigerated logistic platform

storage and preservation of fresh products

skating rink

Heat Rejection for Water Cooled Chiller

Automotive Parts Production Facility Process Cooling

refrigeration and storage of Agricultural Food

University Air Conditioning System

Server cooling

Data centre cooling

server rooms cooling

Server cooling for data centre

Heat removal from the server room

shopping centre air conditioning

Biomass Power Plant

cooling of the turbine bearings of power plant

Power Generation Plant Turbine

peripherals of power plants

Furniture Store Air Conditioning

Air conditioning of the peripheral area of the hospital


Air Conditioning of Office Building

Cooling of 6000 apples

wing and fuselage parts production autoclaves cooling

Process Cooling in Flat Glass Plant

fume treatment plants

gas-fired generation station

natural gas-fired power plant

cool down auxiliary circuits

heating and power generation plant

health center air conditioning system

Metallurgical Plant

Engine in water desalinization plant

fish processing industry

Fast Cooling Plant

meat processing rooms

offshore wind farm


all climate greenhouse

Vegetables Storage

Turbogas Power Plant

Unit Coolers for food preservation

Cooling of low-temperature (-20°C) compactable storage warehouse

pharmacology company warehouse temperature control

Meat Meal freezing and storing

fruit and vegetable market

fruit and vegetables cold room

Processing and storage plant for pork meat

platform for frozen food

logistic centre of pharmaceutical products

football stadium

Disabled Sport Centre

Sport Hall

for the regeneration for the heat pump application.

nuclear fusion experimental reactor

potato and onion packing company

Central Stadium---administrative rooms, football players locker rooms,  restaurants, cafes, VIP zones

Plastic Plant -- control of temperature during the production of the pipes.




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