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what is a spiral wound heat exchanger?

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Wound heat exchanger - what is a spiral wound heat exchanger

Spiral wound heat exchanger, also known as spiral tube wound heat exchanger, spiral threaded tube heat exchanger, is mainly suitable for vapor-liquid heat exchange conditions. Currently, the heat transfer coefficient in steam-water heat exchange conditions can reach up to 14000w/㎡.℃ .

Spiral Wound Heat Exchanger

Wound Heat Exchanger—Types of Spiral Wound Heat Exchanger

Spiral wound tube heat exchanger products include: spiral wound tube heat exchanger, detachable type, corrosion-resistant type. This kind of heat exchanger has good turbulent flow effect, high heat exchange efficiency, low impurity deposition probability, and low fouling tendency. The spiral wound structure completely eliminates the pull-off force between the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet, greatly improving the service life. Under the same heat transfer capacity, the volume is about 1/10 of the traditional heat exchanger, which can save precious space resources. Advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, perfect testing system and down-to-earth heroic people have created the excellent quality of spiral wound tube heat exchangers, and the cost performance is much higher than similar products. Compared with traditional heat exchangers under the same working conditions, the investment is almost the same, but it can save a lot of operating costs for enterprises every year, and is favored by users.

Wound Heat Exchanger—Comparison of Helical Wound Heat Exchanger and Conventional Heat Exchanger

Tube form: The heat exchange tubes of conventional shell and tube heat exchangers are designed with straight tubes or U-shaped tubes. Therefore, a problem that plagues design engineers is, what method can be used to make the heat exchange tube longer, the heat exchange area per unit volume increased, and the heat transfer caused by countercurrent heat exchange is fundamentally maintained at an ideal level due to structural reasons? At the same time, the size of the heat exchange equipment itself should be reduced, and the safety performance should be stronger. The successful research and development of the spiral heat exchange tube bundle winding technology has solved this problem fundamentally.

Arrangement of tube bundles: Different from conventional straight tube heat exchange tubes, the arrangement of heat exchange tube bundles of spirally wound tube heat exchangers is reversely wound at the same angle according to the number of tube bundles in each layer, and the tubes are evenly distributed in the heat exchange tube shell And maintain a reasonable tube spacing and layer spacing. The result of this is that not only the heat exchange tube is lengthened, but there is enough flow for the material to circulate and heat exchange in it, while maintaining the pressure balance of the fluid in the shell side, and the heat energy distribution is averaged, so that in actual use , greatly improving the heat exchange efficiency and heat transfer capacity.

Spiral Wound Heat Exchanger 2

Wound Heat Exchanger - Material Treatment

The ideal state for the treatment of the coiled heat exchanger tube bundle is such that there will be no excessive stress points under the condition of a reasonable balance of the hardness and plasticity of the tube bundle. Our material treatment perfectly reflects this requirement. Accurate heat exchange tube spacing, stainless steel tubes are difficult to plastic when bent or wound due to material problems, if you want to keep the spacing of all heat exchange tubes uniform. This requires us to need complete technology and rich experience in processing. The imported high-precision equipment and top-notch winding technology provide us with the foundation.


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