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water-to-air cooling system for laser system

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Laser heat exchangers

Most laser machine applications in the medical, aesthetic, dentistry, cutting, and welding areas require heat removal to maintain a steady temperature. This is done to manage the temperature of the laser diode or, in the case of aesthetic applications such as hair removal, the temperature of the IPL lamp.

These laser systems have a water-to-air cooling system for this purpose, and the core of such a system is a tube fin heat exchanger for laser applications.

Because most laser systems are cooled using deionized water, a specific heat exchanger that is resistant to deionized water must be utilized, as such water is corrosive.

To make a heat exchanger resistant to deionized water, L316 stainless steel pipes must be used.

Characterizing the pipes is merely the first step in selecting the best heat exchanger. The intended throughput and the amount of air that can be used, as well as the water temperature going in and out and the amount of heat that needs to be evacuated, must all be considered.

A heat exchanger for deionized water requires more planning and production than a standard heat exchanger.

It is feasible to characterize a catalog model heat exchanger for deionized water as well as a custom manufactured one.

Vrcoolertech specializes in characterizing, planning, and producing heat exchangers composed of stainless steel pipes that can remove heat in laser systems using deionized water.

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