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quick freeze evaporator used in the food processing industry

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The quick-freeze evaporator is a piece of equipment used in the food processing industry, mainly for the evaporation and cooling process when processing quick-freeze food. Quick-frozen food is a kind of fast frozen food, its production process needs to quickly reduce the temperature of the food to below -18℃ in a short time to ensure the quality and safety of the food. The quick-freeze evaporator heats or cools the medium inside the evaporator (e.g. water, glycol, etc.) to achieve the rapid processing of quick-freeze food.

The working principle of the quick-frozen evaporator is to heat or cool the medium through the evaporator pipeline inside the evaporator. The medium in the evaporator pipeline is heated or cooled at the same time, and the moisture on the surface of the food is quickly evaporated through the airflow in the evaporator, thus realising the rapid freezing of the food. Quick-freeze evaporators usually use multi-stage evaporation, so that the food can reach the required temperature in a relatively short time, but also to ensure the quality and taste of food.

Quick-freeze evaporators are mainly used in the following areas:

1. quick-frozen food processing: quick-frozen evaporator is one of the key equipment for the production of quick-frozen food, which can quickly reduce the temperature of food to below -18℃ to ensure the quality and safety of food.

2. Chemical production: in some chemical production process, the medium needs to be heated or cooled quickly, the quick-freeze evaporator can quickly complete this process and improve production efficiency.

3. pharmaceutical industry: there are some drugs in the pharmaceutical industry need to be frozen quickly at a specific temperature, the quick-freeze evaporator can meet these needs.

In short, the quick-freeze evaporator is a kind of equipment applied to food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which can quickly heat or cool the medium to achieve rapid freezing of food. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the development of industry, the application of quick-freeze evaporators in various fields will become more and more extensive.

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