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asic miner BTC fluid cooler

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Exported to the United States V-type dry cooler 150KWCompleted export of 150KW V-type dry cooler to the United StatesCountry: USAApplication: Immersion Cooling SystemCooling capacity: 150kWRefrigerant: BC888Power: 230V/3P/60HzContact us for your unique dry cooler design



Full Immersion Cooling for Asic Miners with Bitcool BC 888 Dielectric Fluid

The immersion cooling system requires a sealed cooling box. The server can be placed in the cooling box at a high density, and the main cooling components of the server can be immersed with the cooling liquid.Vrcooler CST provides dry coolers for immersion cooling systems, which greatly improves the



Hybrid fluid coolers produced by Vrcooler are exported to the United States to cool the Bitcoin industry

The hybrid dry cooler is exported to the U.S. bitcoin industry to cool, with a large cooling capacity and a wet curtain.Country: United StatesApplication: Bitcoin Immersion Cooling SystemCooling capacity: 1270kWVoltage: 415V/3P/60HzFan Brand:



1200kW Fin Fan Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Dry Cooler Shipped to The United States

1200kW dry cooler shipped to the United States,For dual-phase immersion cooling system, with control panel, including temperature sensor, copper tube aluminum fins, plastic-sprayed housing, Xerox fan.



Vrcooler CST Manufactured Liquid Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Machines

Vrcooler CST Manufactured Liquid Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Machines


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