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Working principle and maintenance method of industrial steam radiator

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Working principle and maintenance method of industrial steam radiator

Industrial steam radiators have the characteristics of long service life, fast heat dissipation, large radiator area, wide application range, easy cleaning, and no maintenance. Secondly, the steam system of the industrial steam radiator has the characteristics of energy saving, which can be stopped after working, and the residual heat can ensure that the mechanical equipment is not damaged by freezing. However, it can be turned on at work, and has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Mainly used for heating systems in industrial plants. It is connected with high-quality seamless steel pipe, which is easy to operate and can provide sufficient heat supply.

When the room temperature is lower than 0 ℃, do not completely close all the valves (radiator exhaust valve) of the radiator that does not heat the room for a long time. It is the main piece of equipment in a heat exchanger unit and uses cold and hot media to cool or heat an air cooler. The introduction of high temperature water, steam or high temperature heat transfer oil can heat the air, and the introduction of brine or low temperature water cools the air. When the water inside the radiator or the pipe expands under the influence of the outside world, the expansion tank inside the heating furnace cannot relieve the pressure, and in severe cases, the radiator or the pipe will rupture. It is necessary to deflate the heating radiator in a timely and correct manner.

Maintenance of industrial steam radiators:

The water radiator needs frequent maintenance to ensure the heat exchange between the coolant and the air. Under normal circumstances, the exterior and interior of the water radiator should be cleaned every time it works. To clean the internal scale and precipitated impurities, first drain the water in the radiator, and then use clean water with a certain pressure to pass into the radiator core until the water flowing out is clean.

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