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Working Principle and Application of AHU Coil

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Working Principle and Application of AHU Coil

The AHU Coil is an important component in an air handling unit, responsible for removing heat from the air to achieve the cooling effect of an air conditioning system. This live broadcast will provide an in-depth introduction to the working principle, structure, characteristics, scope of application and its maintenance of AHU Coil in the hope of providing practical reference and insight.

I. The working principle of AHU Coil

The AHU Coil works by passing air through a cooling coil to achieve the cooling effect of the air conditioning system. AHU Coil usually consists of several parallel arranged coils, when the air passes through the coil, the heat will be absorbed by the cooling medium, and then the cooling medium will flow into the heat exchanger with the heat, and the heat will be discharged through the condenser.

II. Structure of AHU Coil

AHU Coil mainly consists of coils, heat sinks, water inlets and outlets, condensers and other parts. The coil is the most important part of the AHU Coil and is usually made of copper with a number of thin lamellar coils through which the air is cooled. The heat sink is the housing for the coil, through which the cooling medium is carried away. The water inlet and outlet are used to connect the cooling medium to the heat exchanger. The condenser is then used to remove the heat absorbed in the cooling medium.

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III. Features of AHU Coil

Good cooling effect: AHU Coil adopts water cooling method, which can cool the air to the required temperature in a short time and has a good cooling effect.

Energy saving and environmental protection: AHU Coil adopts water cooling method, which can save energy and protect the environment.

Wide range of application: AHU Coil is suitable for all types of air conditioning systems, without having to consider compatibility issues.

Long service life: AHU Coil uses copper coils and has a long service life.

Easy maintenance: AHU Coil is very easy to maintain and only requires regular cleaning of the coil and heat sink.

AHU Coil's range of application

AHU Coil is widely used in various types of air-conditioning systems, especially in large commercial buildings and industrial plants, to ensure the stable operation and cooling effect of the air-conditioning system. AHU Coil is also suitable for domestic air-conditioning systems to improve the cooling efficiency and service life of the air-conditioning system.

V. Maintenance of AHU Coil

The maintenance of AHU Coil is very important to ensure its long-term stable operation on the one hand, and to extend its service life on the other. The following are the maintenance methods for AHU Coil:

Regular cleaning of the coils and fins: As the AHU Coil draws in dust and debris from the air during operation, the coils and fins need to be cleaned regularly. This can be done by using tools such as a blow can or a soft brush to remove dust and debris from the coils and fins.

Changing the cooling medium: The cooling medium in the AHU Coil needs to be changed regularly to ensure it is sufficient and flows properly.

Checking the pipework: The inlet and outlet of the AHU Coil and the pipework need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are clear and leak free.

Regular maintenance: It is recommended that the AHU Coil is fully maintained every year, including cleaning, inspection and replacement, to ensure its long-term stable operation and extended service life.

The above is the knowledge of AHU Coil, I hope it can provide useful information and reference for you.


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