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Why gas generator sets need exhaust gas heat recovery?

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Why gas generator sets need exhaust gas heat recovery?

Exhaust gas heat recovery is required for gas generator sets for several reasons:

To improve energy efficiency: gas generating sets produce a large amount of exhaust gas heat when burning fuel. If the exhaust gas is not heat recycled, this heat will be dissipated directly into the environment, resulting in a waste of energy. With an exhaust gas heat recovery system, the thermal energy in the exhaust gas can be converted into useful thermal energy, such as steam or hot water, for heating, production process heating or other energy needs, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Cost savings: With exhaust gas heat recovery, the need for other energy sources, such as fuel or electricity, can be reduced. This will result in cost reductions, especially for industrial companies or power plants that require large amounts of heat, and can reduce additional energy purchases and operating costs.

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Reducing environmental pollution: Exhaust gas heat recovery not only helps to improve energy efficiency, but also reduces the amount of combustion exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere. By recovering and utilising the thermal energy from exhaust gases, greenhouse gas emissions and the release of air pollutants can be reduced, which has a positive impact on environmental protection.

Sustainability: Exhaust gas heat recovery is a sustainable practice that is in line with the concept of efficient use of energy resources and environmental protection. By maximising the recovery and utilisation of heat energy from exhaust gases, the demand for fossil fuels can be reduced, the consumption of natural resources can be reduced and this helps to promote sustainable energy development.

In short, exhaust gas heat recovery can achieve efficient use of energy, save costs, reduce environmental pollution and promote sustainable development. For gas-fired generator sets, exhaust gas heat recovery is an important technology that can enhance the performance and economic efficiency of the entire system.


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