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Why Does the Marine Industry Need an Air Dehumidifier

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Most special goods need to be stored in a low humidity environment. Marine air dehumidifiers are usually used to avoid condensation. If the cargo is colder than the moist air in the cargo storage, humidity condensation will occur. And because the humidity during navigation near the sea is always high, the water produced by condensation is significantly higher, which may physically damage any cargo. In addition to these special goods, such as tobacco, and some chemical materials, automobiles require a low-humidity environment during transportation.

Modern ships are equipped with high-quality sensitive electronic equipment and navigation equipment. Failure of these devices will not only cause temporary delays, but also threaten the safety of ships. Many time failures of these devices are caused by high humidity. High humidity can change the readings of many sensors, otherwise it will damage electronic equipment due to condensation. For example, it is strongly recommended to equip marine dehumidifiers in the deck area where all electronic and navigation equipment are installed. The ship pump room should be equipped with a powerful industrial dehumidifier, which is used to remove high humidity in the coastal air and perform drainage treatment in the pump room.

During the voyage of cargo ships or luxury cruise ships, it is very important to provide pleasant cabins for staff and tourists. Due to the intake of high-humidity air in the cabin, the cabin often becomes very humid. Therefore, for passenger cabins, ship dehumidifiers or marine dehumidifiers should be provided. In all luxury cruise ships, you will find dedicated dehumidifiers that provide cabins.

During the periodical maintenance of ships and oil storage tanks or containers, sandblasting and painting/spraying operations are used. In these processes, 100% fresh air from outside is required. If the humidity in the fresh air is high, it will cause adhesion and corrosion problems. Therefore, large-scale pipeline dehumidification equipment is used to supply dry dehumidified air.

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