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What role does the industrial dehumidifier play in preventing moisture and dehumidifying the pump room?

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What role does the industrial dehumidifier play in preventing moisture and dehumidifying the pump room?

Water pump room is generally set up in living areas, institutions and schools, and its environmental humidity is often relatively high, especially underground water pump room, the relative humidity may exceed 90% to the extent of condensation. Water pump equipment and pipeline seepage causes water on the ground, seriously threatening the normal operation of the pump room water supply equipment control cabinet, resulting in equipment moisture rust, distribution equipment moisture, short circuit, corrosion, and there are security risks.

   In order to overcome the impact of high humidity on the underground pump room equipment, can be installed in the underground pump room automatic moisture dehumidification device dehumidifier, automatic detection of pump room humidity and automatic dehumidification, reduce the humidity of the air in the pump room, to ensure that the pump room control cabinet work environment has a better standard of humidity.

   To ensure the efficient operation of the underground pump room dehumidifier, as the ambient humidity is about 55%, the humidity value of the dehumidifier is generally set at 50-60%, which is the most appropriate moisture-proof requirements for underground pump rooms and distribution equipment. Of course, due to different regions, different underground pump room structures and different humidity requirements, the appropriate configuration of the dehumidifier should be determined according to the specific environmental conditions, and the dehumidifier of the underground pump room needs to be placed in a place with air circulation. Dehumidifier air inlet and outlet shall not be blocked by obstacles, and keep the surrounding space ≥ 50cm, more conducive to dehumidifier air circulation, dehumidification effect is better. Use as far as possible to close the doors and windows to achieve indoor dehumidification effect.

Dehumidifier is equipped with intelligent constant humidity control system. Users can automatically control the operation and shutdown of the dehumidifier according to production needs, and achieve the most effective dehumidification effect through automatic control to reduce the operating cost of the whole machine. The machine is equipped with high-efficiency rotary compressor, which has the performance advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and silence.

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