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What is the purpose of ripening?

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Ripening is the process by which fruit becomes more flavourful. In general, fruit becomes sweeter, greener and softer as it ripens. Although the acidity of the fruit increases with ripeness, higher levels of acidity do not make the fruit appear more acidic. This effect is attributed to the sugar to acid ratio. Leapfrog fruit ripens after harvest, so some fruit for sale is picked green (e.g. bananas and tomatoes).

Unripe fruit is also fibrous, not as juicy and has a harder outer flesh than ripe fruit (see taste). Eating unripe fruit can cause stomach pain or stomach cramps, while ripeness affects the palatability of the fruit.

Developing fruit produces compounds such as alkaloids and tannins. These compounds are food-rejecting agents, which means that they prevent animals from eating them when they are not yet ripe. This mechanism is used to ensure that the fruit is not eaten until the seeds are fully developed.

Banana ripening chambers can be equipped with chillers, whose function is to provide cold air to maintain the temperature and humidity in the ripening chamber. Bananas need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity during ripening in order to promote their ripening. In general, the temperature in the ripening room should be between 16°C and 18°C and the relative humidity between 85% and 95%.

Chillers control the temperature and humidity in the ripening room by blowing cold air to ensure optimum ripening of the bananas. In addition, the chiller helps to circulate the air in the ripening room, preventing the accumulation of bananas and reducing the growth of pathogens.

When using chillers for ripening bananas, the speed of the chiller and the amount of wind power need to be adjusted according to the number of bananas and the environment of the room to achieve the best ripening results. In addition, ripening chambers and chillers require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure their proper operation and longevity.

Slower ripening means a longer shelf life.

Longer shelf life means less loss.

High humidity prevents brown spots from appearing on the fruit.

Firm flesh.

Less bruising.

Higher quality fruit costs more.

Easy to install and low maintenance.



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