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What is the function of preheater?

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The air preheater is a kind of preheating equipment that improves the heat exchange performance of the boiler and reduces the heat loss. The function of the air preheater is to conduct the heat carried in the flue gas discharged from the flue at the tail of the boiler to the air before entering the boiler through the heat sink, and preheat the air to a certain temperature. Mostly used for coal-fired power station boilers.

The plate air preheater is mostly made of 1.5-4mm thin steel plate. Weld the steel plate into a rectangular box, assemble several boxes into a group, and the whole air preheater consists of 2-4 boxes. The flue gas passes from top to bottom, passes through the outside of the box, and the air passes laterally through the inside of the box, turns upward at the bottom, and exchanges energy with the flue gas twice, so that the flue gas and the air flow in the opposite direction to obtain better heat transfer efficiency.

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