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What is an industrial steam oven?

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What is an industrial steam oven? It is a drying waste heat recovery equipment

Features of steam heating oven:

1. Steam heating oven, its temperature is related to the pressure, and it will not be too high, generally at room temperature to about 150 degrees Celsius.

2. The steam heating oven can effectively protect the products in the process of baking, and will not burn out due to overheating.

3. Steam heating oven, safe and reliable.

Finned radiators can be used for steam radiator heating air selection, providing technical parameters such as steam pressure and temperature, air volume, and inlet and outlet air temperatures, and can calculate the heat dissipation area and external dimensions.

The steam oven quickly evaporates the water content of the object through the circulation of hot air, which conforms to the two characteristics of physical laws: the same temperature, the faster the evaporation in the case of wind, the higher the temperature under the influence of the same wind force, The faster it evaporates. The hot air circulation oven uses this principle to convert electricity into a heat source, and uses a low-noise, high-temperature-resistant flow fan.

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