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What is an Ammonia Cooler?

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An ammonia cooler is a type of cold storage fan that uses ammonia as a refrigerant to provide cooling air circulation to the cold storage. The following is some information about ammonia chillers:

Principle of operation: Ammonia coolers use ammonia as a refrigerant to cool and circulate air in the refrigeration cycle. Ammonia is ejected from the compressor to form a high velocity air stream that passes through the evaporator or condenser, absorbing or releasing heat in the air to achieve a cooling or heating effect.

Cooling capacity: The cooling capacity of an ammonia cooler depends on its design and specification. In general, the cooling capacity is related to the size of the fan, the flow rate of the ammonia and the cooling requirements. Cooling capacity is usually expressed in terms of cooling capacity or cooling power (kW).

ammonia evaporator (1)

Features: Ammonia coolers have a number of features.

 Firstly, ammonia is a highly efficient refrigerant with a high cooling effect.

 Secondly, ammonia coolers can achieve a large cooling capacity and are suitable for large cold stores or where high cooling requirements are required.

 In addition, ammonia coolers are stable and reliable and have a long service life.

Safety considerations: The use of ammonia as a refrigerant requires special attention to safety. Ammonia has a pungent odour and is toxic, so strict safety standards and operating procedures need to be followed when installing, operating and maintaining ammonia coolers. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that the system is sealed to prevent ammonia leakage, and that it is equipped with an appropriate ammonia detection and alarm system.

Maintenance and servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the ammonia coolers. This includes cleaning the fan and evaporator or condenser surfaces, checking and replacing damaged parts, and regularly checking the pressure and temperature of the cooling system.


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