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What is Sludge Drying?

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Sludge Drying Overview - Treatment Methods and Applications

Sludge is a residual, semi-solid by-product left from industrial or refining processes. It is a separated solid suspended in a liquid, typically containing major quantities of interstitial water between its solid particles. This material can be dried to cut its volume and reduce most of the moisture content of the biosolids present in the sludge.

Sludge Drying Applications

Dried or treated sludge offers a wide range of applications, mainly including agricultural land application. When the drying is completed to produce biosolids, these biosolids act as a fertilizer for crop harvesting. The organic nitrogen and phosphorous found in biosolids are used quite efficiently by crops as these plant nutrients are released slowly throughout the growing season. This allows the crop to absorb these nutrients as the crop grows.

Besides the application of crop harvesting, the treated sludge can also be used as top dressing on golf course fairways, soil conditioner for construction of parks, and other athletic fields, a soil substitute in final landfill cover, etc.

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