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What is Immersion Liquid Cooling?

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Immersion liquid cooling

——As the name suggests, it is a full-immersion solution that uses insulating liquid as the cooling fluid (working medium). The heat is directly contacted from the server to the cooling liquid, and the cooling liquid undergoes secondary heat exchange to realize heat exchange with the cooling liquid sent from the primary side. The last side returns the water to exchange heat with the atmosphere, or directly do warm water heat recovery and waste heat utilization. This set of architecture is called the submerged liquid cooling architecture.

Due to the direct contact heat exchange on the secondary side, and the whole process does not require the refrigeration assistance of precision air conditioners and compressors, the overall PUE can be controlled between 1.05-1.07.

In terms of subdivision, due to the difference in cooling working fluid. High-temperature refrigerants only use contact and cyclic heat exchange to complete heat exchange with the help of CDU, so they are usually referred to as single-phase immersion liquid cooling, which can meet the needs of most power densities. However, if a low-temperature refrigerant is used, phase-change heat can be used, and the latent heat of vaporization of the two states of liquid and gas can be used to quickly remove heat in large quantities, which is the so-called phase-change immersion liquid cooling.

Common schematic diagrams are as follows:

data center cooling 3data center cooling 2


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