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What industries will use anti-corrosion air conditioners?

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What industries will use anti-corrosion air conditioners?

In many industries, waste water and exhaust gas will contain high humidity and highly corrosive components, which will be strongly corrosive to the air conditioning system during the discharge process.

1. Pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper workshop is a high-humidity and highly corrosive working environment. A large amount of corrosive gas is generated during the pulping and papermaking process. Among them, sulfur dioxide and chlorine dioxide gas will cause strong corrosion to the air-conditioning system when encountering water. Sexual sulfurous acid and chlorous acid cause corrosion of the air-conditioning system, damage to accessories, leakage of refrigerant, increase in the ambient temperature of the electrical room, shutdown and damage of electrical components and production equipment, and bring huge economic losses to the enterprise.

Aiming at the special industrial environment of the paper mill, based on years of anti-corrosion experience and concepts, vrcoolertech adopts accessories with high anti-corrosion performance from R&D, design, selection of two devices and various components, and special anti-corrosion treatment on key parts of the system. Targeted annual refrigeration design.

2. Energy and chemical industry

Various harmful and corrosive gases such as dust, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. are generated during the processing and application of fossil fuels, the deep processing of coal, and the deep processing of crude oil.

Sulfide corrosion does not exist in isolation. Sulfur and other corrosive media such as inorganic salts, naphthenic acid, nitrides, water, hydrogen, ammonia and so on work together to form a complex corrosive environment. It will cause different corrosion to various system parts such as air conditioning equipment casing, copper pipes, fins, and fans.

Vrcoolertech has combined years of experience in the use of on-site units, and has long-term in-depth cooperation with major scientific research institutes. According to the different processing techniques of each chemical industry, Vrcoolertech has developed anti-corrosion air conditioners for various dust and corrosive applications.

3. Power and power generation industry

When the thermal equipment of a power plant is in operation, the contact medium includes various qualities of water, steam and flue gas, and the characteristics of the medium are different in different parts. The operating conditions of the equipment change, and the characteristics of the medium also change. The various corrosive components in the medium will also cause serious corrosion to the equipment. The main corrosion comes from oxygen corrosion, acid corrosion, and concentrated corrosion of boiler media. , Coal flue gas corrosion, etc. In a corrosive environment, corrosive impurities and gases will corrode the air conditioner shell, copper tubes and aluminum fins particularly severely.

Combining years of anti-corrosion experience and on-site use environment, Vrcoolertech has developed professional anti-corrosion air conditioners for various corrosive environments, which can effectively prevent various types of corrosion in different sections of the power plant.

4. Metallurgical industry metallurgical industry

Most of them are used in high temperature, heavy load, high wear and specific corrosive environments. The production environment is harsh and the corrosion problems are prominent.

such as:

In the steelmaking industry, chemical corrosion in high-temperature environments such as slag, molten iron, and blast furnace gas.

In the electrolytic aluminum and electrolytic copper industries, the hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and other gases in the workshop encounter water to produce acidic corrosion such as hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid.

The hydrometallurgy in the lead and zinc industry requires acid leaching, alkali leaching, salt leaching and other processes, and various acid and alkali corrosion. Corrosion is quite serious in the metallurgical industry system, causing serious economic losses to the enterprise.

Vrcoolertech has been digging in the metallurgical industry all the year round and constantly exploring, and has developed a special anti-corrosion air conditioner for the metallurgical industry, which effectively prevents the corrosion of the air conditioning system on site and greatly improves the service life of the onsite air conditioner.


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