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What effect does high humidity have on the distribution room?

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What effect does high humidity have on the distribution room?

Distribution room and distribution room moisture dehumidification with industrial dehumidifiers

The installation of moisture control and dehumidification equipment in the distribution room during the rainy season, the commonly used moisture control and dehumidification equipment is usually a dehumidifier. When the air humidity is high, it is important to achieve a strict safety management system in the distribution room. What effect will high humidity have on the power distribution room?

   First, if the humidity is too high, high-voltage electricity will be discharged to the outside world through water in the air, such as endangering the human body.

   Second, electrical appliances are prone to corrosion in high humidity and high voltage, which can easily produce danger over time.

   Third, the transformer operation humidity conditions are limited, many places by the moisture attack, especially the basement of the distribution room, moisture also become heavier, condensation phenomenon is also very serious, measured with a humidity meter, some humidity reached 80% or more, if the distribution room air humidity, will reduce the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment insulation devices, even the internal components of the high-voltage cabinet, including busbars, insulators, cabinet walls, etc., and copper row will flicker relatively at any time, leading to phase-to-phase short circuit accidents.

   So, how to prevent moisture and condensation in the power distribution room? It is only from two aspects of raising the temperature of the room and equipment and preventing humid air. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the electric heating automatic moisture-proof device of the high-voltage distribution cabinet, especially when the annual power outage is maintained, the maintenance of the device must be improved. In addition, when the humid season or weather comes, close the doors and windows of the high-voltage distribution room to prevent the outdoor air from entering and open the dehumidifier because the dehumidifier will absorb moisture in the process of dehumidification to keep the environment dry.

   Once the distribution room is humid, it will seriously threaten the safety of power supply. If the space humidity in the distribution room is high, the metal facilities inside the distribution room will be damp and rusty, and the switchgear will be short-circuited. Sudden tripping is a manifestation of the distribution room after humidity, and it will even cause damage to the facilities inside the distribution room. Humidity requirements should be 60% below, so the moisture-proofing of the distribution room is very important.

   The installation of dehumidifier in the distribution room to prevent moisture can easily solve the moisture problem. The working principle of the distribution room dehumidifier is that under the action of the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, cold suspect), the temperature of the table cooler is reduced to below the dew point temperature of the air, and the fan will pump the moist air into the machine and the table cooler for heat exchange. The water vapor in the wet air condenses into water droplets that flow into the drain or water tank, producing dry air that is discharged into the room through the fan. This cycle reduces the humidity in the room and gradually achieves the effect of drying.

   Distribution room environment control at 50% to 60% RH relative humidity is more appropriate, once more than 60% RH, will have a negative impact on electrical equipment. In recent years, with the rise of dehumidifier products, it has now been adopted by most power distribution rooms because it can directly convert water vapor in the air into water, thus effectively meeting the requirements of moisture control in power distribution rooms. The dehumidifier uses a computerized automatic control system, which does not require personnel, and the humidity can be freely adjusted for better moisture control.

   Benefits of using dehumidifier in power distribution room:

Switches and other equipment will not be damaged by moisture and short-circuit, resulting in economic losses;

Metal facilities in the distribution room will not rust due to moisture and oxidation.

It can keep the walls and floors dry and not breed mold and mildew.

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