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What are the safety measures for ammonia coolers?

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What is an ammonia evaporator?

An ammonia chiller is a refrigeration unit that uses ammonia as a refrigerant. It compresses the ammonia gas to raise its temperature and then cools it to a liquid by passing it through a condenser. The liquid ammonia is then depressurised by means of an expansion valve, which causes it to evaporate and absorb heat from the surrounding area, thus achieving the purpose of refrigeration.

Ammonia chillers are mainly used in industrial refrigeration, such as cold stores and refrigeration trucks. Compared to traditional refrigeration equipment, ammonia chillers have the advantages of good cooling effect, fast cooling speed, energy saving and environmental protection. However, the use and maintenance of ammonia chillers require strict safety measures due to the toxic and flammable nature of ammonia.

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What are the safety measures for ammonia coolers?

The use and maintenance of ammonia chillers requires strict safety measures to prevent ammonia leaks and other dangerous situations from occurring. Some common safety measures are listed below:

When installing an ammonia cooler, it is important to follow the manufacturer's installation and operating instructions to ensure that the equipment meets the relevant safety standards.

When using an ammonia cooler, the equipment's safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and other protective devices must be checked regularly for proper operation.

Suitable personal protective equipment such as gas masks, protective gloves, protective clothing etc. must be used during the use of the ammonia chillers.

The operator of the ammonia cooler must be specially trained to understand the characteristics of ammonia and the safe operating procedures.

During the operation of the ammonia cooler, good ventilation must be ensured around the equipment to avoid ammonia build-up.

Regularly inspect and maintain the ammonia cooler's piping, valves, pumps and other fittings to ensure they are free from leaks and damage.

If an ammonia leak is detected, immediate emergency measures should be taken, such as stopping the operation of the ammonia cooler, venting the ammonia to the outdoors, etc., and immediately informing the relevant emergency authorities.

In conclusion, the use and maintenance of ammonia coolers requires a high degree of attention to safety and appropriate safety measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


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