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The Advantage of The Microchannel Heat Exchangers

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Micro-channel heat exchangers have been successfully used in many industries, including automotive and chemical processing.

Let's study the advantages and design highlights of the micro-channel heat exchanger


The core of the micro-channel heat exchanger is composed of two heads, namely the inlet and outlet heads, the flat micro-channel porous tube and the fins, which are welded together with non-corrosive flux. All the above-mentioned elements are made of aluminum alloy, and their composition and cladding are different.

Advantages of micro-channel heat exchanger

The advantages of using microchannel heat exchangers in HVAC systems are indeed important and provide far-reaching benefits, including improved equipment efficiency, reduced equipment size and weight, and lower system final costs.

High heat transfer ratio

Low-altitude side pressure drop

Approach temperature

Smaller size, compact design

Low refrigerant charge

High corrosion resistance

Sturdy structure

Low weight

Lower equipment cost

micro channel coil (5)
micro channel coil (6)

micro channel coil (3)
micro channel coil (4)


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