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Mobile granary temperature control unit (grain cooler)

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Mobile granary temperature control unit (grain cooler)

The Vrcoolertech grain cooler includes a silo and multiple air ducts at the bottom of the silo. The side walls of the air ducts are provided with multiple air ducts in the main silo. The air ducts are connected to the blowers respectively; there are many uniform plugs in the silo. Distributed monitoring rods, multiple temperature sensors are installed on the monitoring rods.

The temperature of the grain in the silo is monitored by the temperature sensor on the monitoring rod. When the temperature is detected to be higher than the set threshold, the temperature signal will be transmitted to the local host, the operator processes the local host, starts the fan, and the cold air passes through the air duct The pipe enters the granary to achieve cooling and prevent it from decay.

Through the wireless transmission unit, the grain temperature change in the local host remote monitoring warehouse is realized, which has the characteristics of convenient operation and reliable control.

Mobile granary temperature control unit (grain cooler


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