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Main engine LT/HT cooling system

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What exactly are the HT and LT cooling systems?

Main engine LT/HT cooling system

Engines built for use aboard ships are subjected to extreme temperatures, necessitating the installation of sufficient cooling systems. Two circuits within the vessel cool the main engines.

• LT (Low temperature) Fresh water is used to cool the main engine.

• HT (High temperature) Sea water is utilized to cool water in the LT circuit via a heat exchanger.

Pump and valve components comprise the control system. The system is based on data from specialized temperature sensors. The PLC collects and analyzes data. Temperature controllers are located in the PLC. To maintain the specified temperature, the PLC activates the appropriate pumps and valves. All system parameters are displayed in the visualization operator station, allowing for remote operation as well as monitoring system components and all system parameters.

Sea water cannot be used in engines since it would necessitate engine construction from more resistant materials, raising costs while also leaving salt deposits within engines. The cooling water is kept within precise specifications to guarantee that the engine remains cool when hot, does not experience thermal shock, and can be heated while in port to keep the main engine warm.

Main engine LT&HT cooling system


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