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Introduction to the principle and characteristics of floating coil heat exchanger

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Introduction to the principle and characteristics of floating coil heat exchanger

In the process of industrial production such as chemical industry and construction, floating coil heat exchangers are widely used, which brings great convenience to industrial production.

Principle of Floating Coil Heat Exchanger - Overview of Floating Coil Radiator

The floating coil radiator adopts the form of cantilever floating coil. When the steam is heating hot water, the coil floats up and down so that the water flow around the coil destroys the laminar heat transfer. The heat transfer capacity is greatly improved, and the heat transfer coefficient K≥3000W/㎡℃. At the same time, due to the scouring effect of the water flow, the tube can be cantilevered to float freely and expand and contract freely, so it is not easy to scale. If a small amount of scale has accumulated during long-term use , through the expansion of the tube, it will be able to automatically descale, so the heat exchange capacity will not decrease after long-term use, and the effect is good.

Principle of floating coil heat exchanger - equipment composition

The floating coil heat exchanger is composed of upper and lower end covers, outer cylinder, steam inlet pipe, condensate outlet pipe and floating coil tube bundle. Among them, the upper and lower end covers and the outer cylinder are made of high-quality carbon steel, and the floating coil tube bundle is made of copper tubes after multiple formings. The steam enters the parallel floating coil from the steam inlet pipe, condenses and releases heat in the coil, and then enters the condensate outlet pipe. The lower part of the condensate outlet pipe has a condensate supercooling device, and the water is introduced from the water inlet pipe on the lower end cover. After flowing into the cylinder, it is formed from the bottom, and after being heated, it flows out from the outlet pipe on the upper end cover.

Floating Coil Heat Exchangers

Principle of Floating Coil Heat Exchanger—Introduction to the Technical Principle of Floating Coil Heat Exchanger

Enhanced heat transfer: The spiral copper coil adopts a cantilever fixed structure. When the heat medium (saturated steam or high-temperature water) flows through the tube, the coil produces high-speed reciprocating motion, forcing the water around the heat exchange tube to form a disturbance, thereby greatly increasing The heat transfer film coefficient a0 is increased, the thermal resistance of the fluid on the outer wall of the tube is reduced by 1/a0, and the total heat transfer coefficient K is increased.

Automatic descaling: During the operation of the equipment, due to the high-speed floating of the coil, it is difficult to deposit scale on the outer wall of the tube; at the same time, because the coil expands and contracts with temperature changes, even if a small amount of scale is formed on the outer wall of the tube, it will automatically fall off (can be periodically It is discharged out of the tank through the sewage outlet), which relieves the traditional cumbersome descaling process, so the heat exchanger can maintain the best condition for a long time.

Accurate temperature control: This equipment is equipped with a high-precision "intelligent temperature regulator", which can continuously and automatically detect the outlet water temperature, and instruct the control valve to adjust the amount of steam (or high-temperature water) entering the coil. Therefore, even if the load fluctuates, the outlet water temperature remains the same. It can be kept within ±2°C of the set value.

Reduced land occupation: The equipment has a compact structure and occupies an area of about 10% of that of the shell and tube heat exchanger with the same function, which not only reduces the cost, effectively utilizes the space, but also facilitates transportation and hoisting.


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