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IQF Tunnel Freezers Cooling Coil

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IQF Tunnel Freezers Cooling Coil

The cooling coil is a critical component in an IQF tunnel freezer that is responsible for removing heat from the air and the food product. It is typically made up of a series of tubes that are designed to be chilled by the refrigerant circulating through them. The chilled tubes, in turn, cool the surrounding air, which then cools the food product.

The cooling coil is typically made of stainless steel or aluminum due to their excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is preferred for applications involving harsh chemicals or high-temperature environments, while aluminum is commonly used for its lightweight and low cost.

To prevent frost build-up on the cooling coil, it is often equipped with a defrost cycle. During the defrost cycle, the refrigerant flow is reversed to warm up the cooling coil, melting any frost or ice that has accumulated. The water resulting from the defrost cycle is drained away, preventing any damage to the food product or the equipment.

The design of the cooling coil in an IQF tunnel freezer is critical to ensure the even distribution of cold air over the food product. Proper air flow and velocity are necessary to ensure that the product is cooled evenly and rapidly, preserving its quality and minimizing production time.

In summary, the cooling coil is an essential component of an IQF tunnel freezer, responsible for removing heat from the air and the food product. Its material selection, defrost cycle, and design play a critical role in ensuring optimal performance and preserving the quality of the food product.

IQF Tunnel Freezers Cooling Coil


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