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How to cool down the bitcoin mining machine?

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How to cool down the bitcoin mining machine?

The traditional method is air cooling, which provides the necessary ventilation conditions, and provides enough room temperature air for the fan provided by the miner to cool the miner;

Then there is a small amount of liquid cooling methods such as water cooling or oil cooling;

The last immersion cooling method is to directly immerse the miner in the fluorinated cooling liquid, without professional modification. Because it is directly immersed in the cooling liquid, the computing board is in full contact with it, and then it is equipped with a dry cooler and a plate changer combination to give The cooling liquid dissipates heat, and the cooling efficiency is significantly improved. After the heat dissipation efficiency is improved, the temperature of the computing board is reduced, and the computing power is significantly improved. However, the initial investment of this solution is high, but the benefits brought by energy saving and computing power improvement in the later period are obvious. 

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