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How to check if the protection devices of ammonia evaporators are working properly?

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What is an ammonia evaporator?

An ammonia evaporator is a type of refrigeration equipment that uses ammonia as a refrigerant. It compresses the ammonia gas to raise its temperature and then cools it to a liquid by passing it through a condenser. The liquid ammonia is then depressurised by means of an expansion valve, which causes it to evaporate and absorb heat from the surrounding area, thus achieving the purpose of refrigeration.

Ammonia evaporators are mainly used in industrial refrigeration, such as cold stores and refrigeration trucks. Compared to traditional refrigeration equipment, ammonia chillers have the advantages of good cooling effect, fast cooling speed, energy saving and environmental protection. However, the use and maintenance of ammonia chillers require strict safety measures due to the toxic and flammable nature of ammonia.

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How to check if the protection devices of ammonia evaporators are working properly?

The protection devices of ammonia chillers include safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. The proper functioning of these devices is essential to ensure the safe operation of ammonia evaporators. Here are some ways to check if the protection devices are working properly:

Check the safety valve: The safety valve is an important protection device in the ammonia chiller, it can automatically release the gas when the ammonia pressure exceeds the set value to protect the safety of the ammonia chiller. Check that the safety valve is not leaking and blocked and that it starts and closes properly.

Check the pressure gauge: The pressure gauge is a commonly used detection device in ammonia chillers to detect changes in the pressure of the ammonia gas. Check that the pressure gauge is accurate and that it displays the correct pressure value.

Check the thermometer: The thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the coolant in the ammonia chiller to ensure that the ammonia is circulating at the correct temperature. Check that the thermometer is accurate and that the correct temperature value is displayed.

Check other protective devices: In addition to the above devices, ammonia chillers may also be equipped with other protective devices such as purple copper tubes, electrical control systems, etc. Check that these devices are intact and working properly.

The above are only common inspection methods and should be checked according to the model and specific circumstances of the ammonia chiller. For those who are not familiar with ammonia chillers or do not have the appropriate technical skills, they should be inspected and maintained by professionals.


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