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How does ammonia evaporator work?

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How does an ammonia evaporator work?

An ammonia evaporator works by using the heat of a surrounding substance, such as air or water, to evaporate ammonia, which is a commonly used refrigerant in industrial refrigeration systems. The evaporator is a heat exchanger that consists of a series of tubes or coils that are filled with ammonia.

Here's a general overview of how an ammonia evaporator works:

Ammonia is pumped into the evaporator in a liquid state through a valve.

As the ammonia flows through the coils or tubes, it absorbs heat from the surrounding substance, causing it to evaporate into a gas.

The ammonia gas carries the heat away from the surrounding substance and is then drawn out of the evaporator by a compressor.

The ammonia gas is compressed, causing it to heat up and become a high-pressure gas.

The high-pressure ammonia gas is then sent to a condenser, where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid state.

The liquid ammonia is then sent back to the evaporator to repeat the cycle.

ammonia air cooler

The specific design and operation of an ammonia evaporator can vary depending on the application and the cooling requirements of the system. However, the basic principles of heat exchange and refrigeration remain the same. It's important to note that the safe use and maintenance of ammonia evaporators requires strict adherence to safety guidelines and regulations, as ammonia is a toxic and potentially hazardous substance. Proper training and safety equipment are essential for anyone working with these systems.


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