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How Hot Does it have to be for Marijuana to Grow?

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How hot does it have to be for marijuana to grow?

Cannabis plants need a certain range of temperatures to grow and do well. Here are some general rules about the temperature ranges that plants need at different stages of growth:

Germination: For cannabis seeds to germinate properly, the temperature needs to be between 21°C and 27°C during the germination stage.

Seedling stage: During the first two to three weeks of growth, the seedling stage, the best temperatures are between 21 and 24°C during the day and 18 and 21°C at night.

Growing Phase: The best temperatures are 21–29°C during the day and 15–21°C at night during the growing phase, which lasts four to eight weeks.

Flowering Period: The best temperatures are between 18 and 26°C during the day and 13 and 18°C at night during the six to twelve-week flowering period.

It's important to remember that keeping the temperature in the right range is important for healthy plant growth, and that changes outside of these ranges can cause stunted growth, lower yields, or even death of the plant.

Growers should use a thermometer to check the temperature of their growing space and adjust their climate control system to keep the temperature in the right range.

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