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Finned tubes are more widely used in equipment

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Finned tubes are more widely used in equipment

      Finned tube can be applied to boiler economiser, air preheater, crystallizer for chemical industry. Mainly used in waste heat tube steam generator, hot water generator, waste heat air heat exchanger and other recoverable waste heat equipment.

      The products are widely used, can provide design and installation for users, mainly used in boiler coal economiser, air preheater, waste heat recovery, cracking furnace for petrochemical industry, and so on.

Application features:

      (1) Good heat transfer effect, in the work mass T-tube boiling heat-giving coefficient is 1.6-3.3 times higher than the light tube.

      (2) Conventional light tube heat exchanger, only when the temperature of the hot medium is higher than the boiling point of the cold medium or bubble point 12 ℃ -15 ℃, the cold medium will bubble boiling. And T-shaped finned tube heat exchanger as long as the temperature difference of 2 ℃ -4 ℃, the cold medium will be able to boil, and bubble fine, continuous.

      (3) T-tube boiling to a higher heat transfer coefficient, the total heat transfer coefficient is larger.

      (4) The price of aluminium porous surface heat transfer tube is cheaper.

      (5) Due to the gas-liquid disturbance in the tunnel is very intense and the gas along the T slit out, so whether it is T-slot or tube surface, not easy to scale, which ensures that the finned tube equipment can be used for a long time and the heat transfer effect will not be affected by the scaling.

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