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Features of steam radiators in applications

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Features of steam radiators in applications

Steam radiators can be used in a wide range of equipment, which generally requires finned tubes, the spacing of the product and the height of the piece mainly affects the finned ratio, the heat transfer coefficient of the film of the medium inside and outside the tube and the finned ratio have a very large relationship.

When steam radiators are used with a large difference between the heat transfer coefficient of the membrane inside and outside the tube, it is necessary to choose a finned tube with a large finned ratio, if there is a phase change in the medium on one side of the equipment, the difference in the heat transfer coefficient of the equipment will be larger.

   The distance between the fins in the installation process also needs to be considered in terms of dust build-up, ash accumulation and ease of cleaning, as well as strictly conforming to the requirements of steam radiators in terms of pressure drop.

   The pressure drop on the air side of the steam radiator is a very important parameter in the design, and this is directly related to the arrangement of the finned tubes. The design of the product arrangement requires the calculation of the ratio between the narrow gap circulation surface and the windward surface, so that the air mass flow rate can be calculated according to its wind speed.

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Steam radiators have been widely used in many research and production laboratories in the aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and higher education institutions. Steam radiators are particularly suitable for automatic temperature control and large flow rates of high temperature joint systems and accessory tests, which can heat any gas and produce hot air that is dry and moisture-free, non-conductive, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-chemical, non-corrosive, non-polluting, safe and reliable, and heated space that heats up quickly. Here are some characteristics of the steam radiator to introduce you to it.

   1, can make the air heated to a very high temperature, up to 450 ℃, the shell temperature of only about 50 ℃, high efficiency of up to 0.9 above.

   2, heating and cooling rate block, up to 10 ℃ / S, fast and stable adjustment. Will not appear the controlled air temperature over and lag phenomenon and make the temperature control drift uncertain, very suitable for automatic control.

   3, good mechanical properties: steam radiator heating body is made of special alloy material, so under the impact of high pressure air flow, in the mechanical properties and strength than other heating body have the advantage, which for a long time need to be continuous heating of the air system and accessories test more superior.

   4. The steam radiator is durable and has a service life of several decades when not in violation of the rules of use.


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