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Features of central air conditioner Heat Exchanger Coil

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Features of central air conditioner surface cooler:

1. The central air-conditioning surface cooler has advanced manufacturing technology and excellent performance: high-quality thin-walled copper tubes are used to wear double-deck high-quality aluminum fins, which have high heat transfer efficiency and low water resistance.

2. The central air-conditioning surface cooler has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, advanced technology, good performance, low resistance and high pressure.

3. The water supply and return water pipeline of the surface cooler of the central air conditioner should have good insulation measures to reduce heat loss or avoid frosting of the pipeline.

4. When the air central air conditioner surface cooler is not used in winter, the remaining water should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking of the copper pipe. The hot and cold water for the surface cooler is not allowed to contain sand, rust, fibers and other impurities.

5. The central air-conditioning surface cooler is made of secondary flanging, copper tube stringed with aluminum sheets, and mechanical tube expansion process. The test pressure of the unit is 130MPa, and the working pressure is 1.6MPa.

6. The central air-conditioning surface cooler is widely used in cooling, heating, dehumidification in air-conditioning engineering, as well as condenser and evaporator in refrigeration engineering, and can be used as a complete set for cold storage.

The material of the surface cooler header can be galvanized pipe, copper pipe or stainless steel pipe;

The surface cooler fins can be ordinary aluminum foil or hydrophilic aluminum foil;

The surface cooler end shield can be galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet.

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