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Evaporator For Ripening Bananas With A Capacity Of 35kw

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Banana ripening evaporators are devices used to ripen bananas or other fruits. Ripening is a controlled process designed to accelerate the ripening of fruits so that they can be supplied to the market at the right time. Evaporators play an important role in this process and the following is the main information about banana ripening evaporators:

Ripening Principle:

  - Ripening evaporators use ethylene (a plant hormone) or other catalysts to promote fruit ripening. Ethylene is a natural gas that is usually produced by the plant itself, but can also be added externally to control the ripening process.

  - The evaporator releases the ethylene or catalyst in a safe and controlled manner into the room or container where the bananas are stored to promote ripening.


Temperature and humidity control:

  - Ripening evaporators usually have temperature and humidity controls to ensure that the fruit is in the right environmental conditions.

  - The temperature and humidity control can be adjusted to suit different fruit types and the desired ripening rate.

Environmental Controls:

  - Ripening evaporators also need to control the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the ripening environment to ensure successful ripening.

  - The control of oxygen and carbon dioxide helps to control the concentration and distribution of ethylene, which in turn affects the ripening rate of the fruit.

A banana ripening evaporator is a key piece of equipment used to control parameters such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene concentration for the fruit ripening process. This helps to provide a supply of fresh, ripe fruits and ensures their availability in the market.

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