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Environmentally friendly and energy efficient gas-air plate heat exchanger

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Environmentally friendly and energy efficient gas-air plate heat exchanger

The gas-gas plate heat exchanger is a general-purpose heat transfer device with a certain corrugated metal plate as the heat transfer surface, which is sealed by welding between the metal plates. This type of heat exchanger is highly efficient, compact and widely used for liquid-liquid heat exchange, liquid-steam heat exchange, gas-gas heat exchange, etc. It is ideal for water-water, water-steam, water-oil and gas-gas heat exchange.

Gas-gas plate heat exchanger with metal corrugated plate as the heat transfer element, using welding process sealing, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the heat exchanger, with high heat transfer coefficient, pressure reduction, small footprint and other characteristics, is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment. Especially for the gas - gas heat exchanger fully welded plate heat exchanger, is currently more advanced energy-efficient gas gas preheater, with high heat transfer efficiency, good sealing performance, pressure reduction, compact structure, corrosion resistance, long life, not easy to accumulate ash, easy to clean and other advantages. At present, gas - gas all-welded plate heat exchanger is increasingly used in a variety of industrial furnaces for preheating combustion air, gas preheating.

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All-welded plate heat exchanger is a general heat exchange equipment, suitable for a variety of liquid - liquid heat exchange, liquid - steam heat exchange, gas - gas heat exchange and other occasions, is the water - water, water - steam, water - oil, gas - gas heat exchange ideal equipment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, food and other fields.

1. water-water heat exchange: used for heating or cooling of industrial or domestic water, such as central heating, domestic hot water, circulating water cooling, etc;

2. water-oil heat exchange: used for heating or cooling of industrial oil, such as hydraulic oil cooling, quenching oil cooling, engine oil cooling, etc;

3. water-steam heat exchange: for industrial or domestic water heating or condensation of steam, such as process water heating, circulating water heating, etc;

4. gas-gas heat exchange: used for waste heat recovery of various industrial furnace flue gas, such as air preheater, gas preheater, etc.

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Gas-gas plate heat exchanger materials are generally

Plate material: heat-resistant steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, nickel-based alloy, Hastelloy, ND steel, etc.;

Frame material: SUS310S, SUS304, Q235, Q345, ND steel, etc.;

Design pressure: pipe range -1.0 to 4.0 MPa;

Design temperature: -65~750°C;

Plate type: herringbone wave, flat wave, spherical wave, shaped wave, deep groove corrugation, shallow groove corrugation, etc;

Plate thickness: 0.5~2.0mm;

Heat exchange area: 0~800m2/unit, several heat exchangers can be connected in series or parallel as heat exchanger groups

Main features

1. high heat transfer performance, relative to tubular heat exchangers, the total heat transfer coefficient is increased by 1~3 times;

2. low pressure drop, compared to tubular heat exchangers, the pressure drop can be reduced by 20% to 60%;

3. compact structure, the volume is only 1/3 of the tube type heat exchanger under the same heat transfer area;

4. strong corrosion resistance, can be anti-corrosion on the surface of the heat transfer plate, with good corrosion resistance;

5. good sealing performance, with an all-welded structure, which well avoids medium leakage;

6. the special corrugated design of the plate surface makes it difficult to accumulate ash, and it is easy to clean even if ash accumulates;

7. good abrasion resistance, the inlet nozzles are protected with protective sleeves and layers to avoid wear on the plates;

8. easy maintenance and inspection, with a fully welded and sealed structure, the equipment runs safely, reliably and for a long time.

Plate heat exchanger in addition to the ordinary water water and water vapor heat exchange, there are gas gas plate heat exchanger it is different from the plate heat exchanger, adapt to the working conditions are different, gas gas heat exchanger relative to the plate heat exchanger to use the working conditions are different, gas gas heat exchanger relatively more demanding working conditions. The gas-gas plate heat exchanger is resistant to high temperatures and can meet the heat exchange between gas and air. Suitable for heat exchange between high temperature gases.

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