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Dry coolers in free cooling applications

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Dry coolers can be used in free cooling applications to provide cooling without the use of mechanical refrigeration. Free cooling is a process that utilizes the ambient air temperature to cool a fluid or process stream, typically water or glycol, and can be an effective way to save energy and reduce operating costs.

In a free cooling application, the dry cooler is used as an alternative to a traditional cooling tower or chiller. The dry cooler uses ambient air to cool the fluid in a heat exchanger, which is then circulated back to the process or equipment being cooled. This process can be particularly effective in climates with a large temperature differential between day and night, or between different seasons, as the cooler ambient air can be used to provide cooling when temperatures are low.

Dry coolers can be designed in different configurations, such as forced draft or induced draft, and with different types of heat exchangers, such as finned-tube or plate-and-frame. The selection of the appropriate dry cooler configuration and heat exchanger depends on the specific application requirements, such as the cooling load, fluid type, and ambient conditions.

Overall, the use of dry coolers in free cooling applications can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to provide cooling without the need for mechanical refrigeration.

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