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Dry coolers for power plants

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Dry coolers for power plants

Dry coolers are used in a wide range of applications in power plants, mainly for cooling thermal steam and flue gases in power plants. Whereas in conventional wet cooling systems large quantities of water are required for cooling, dry coolers convert waste heat into reusable water, thus reducing water consumption and operating costs.

The dry cooler works by piping heat steam or flue gas into the dry cooler, where it is exchanged with outside air through a heat exchanger, converting the waste heat into reusable water, and then returning the cooled heat steam or flue gas to the generator set for reuse.

The advantage of the dry cooler is its adaptability to various environments and operating conditions, as well as its good reliability and stability. In addition, dry coolers can also improve the efficiency and reliability of power plants, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and have significant economic and environmental benefits.

As a result, dry coolers have been widely used in thermal, gas and nuclear power plants around the world, providing customers with energy efficient solutions while contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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