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Dry Cooler for Bitcoin Mining Farm

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Case Details:

Country: Singapore client

Application:  bitcoin mining farm cooling.

Heat transfer capacity: 429kW

Cooling medium: water

Inlet air temp.: 35℃

Inlet medium temp.: 60℃

Outlet medium temp.: 45℃

Medium volume: 25m3/h

Material: copper tube aluminum fin and galvanized steel frame, powder coating.

Supply power: 400V/3P/50Hz

dry cooler (1)dry cooler (13)

For bitcoin mining farm, if use immersion cooling system,  our dry cooler is the most cost-effective way to remove heat and a necessary component of the immersion cooling system,  We designed a full range of immersion optimized dry coolers. 

From 5kW single fan unit to 3000kW dry coolers. 

Made in China, sized to your needs.

Contact us to get your special design. 

E-mail: info@cstheatexchanger.com. 

Whatsapp: +8615618652003.


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