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Dry Cooler Used As Air Conditioning in Shopping Centre

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Dry Cooler Used As Air Conditioning in Shopping Centre

Dry Cooler Used as Air conditioning in Shopping Centre

Dry coolers are used as a means of air cooling in air conditioning systems in shopping centers. They are heat exchangers that are capable of indirect heat exchange using ambient air and are commonly used in air conditioning systems in large commercial buildings. Here are some of the key applications and advantages of dry coolers in shopping center air conditioning systems:

Features and Benefits:

Indirect heat exchange:

Dry coolers use ambient air as the cooling medium to lower the temperature of a fluid (usually water or refrigerant) through indirect contact with the air.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly:

The use of a dry cooler reduces the energy consumption of an air conditioning system because it utilizes a natural resource (air) from the environment for cooling.

Reducing the use of conventional refrigerants contributes to a lower environmental impact.

Simplifies system design:

A dry cooler can be used as a component of the overall air conditioning system to handle a portion of the cooling load in the air conditioning system.

This simplifies system design and can help improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems in large commercial buildings.


Shopping centers usually have different zones such as stores, corridors, office areas, etc., which may require different temperature controls.

Dry coolers can provide customized temperature control in different zones as required to meet different needs.

Application Scenario:

Store Air Conditioning:

Dry coolers can be used in store air conditioning systems to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Hallways and Common Areas:

These areas often need to be kept at a comfortable temperature to ensure the comfort of customers and employees.

Dry coolers can be used in the air conditioning systems of these areas to provide the necessary air cooling.

Office areas and back-of-house spaces:

Shopping centers may also include areas such as office areas, back office spaces and management offices that require proper temperature control.

Dry coolers can be used to provide cooling in these areas as needed to maintain indoor comfort.


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