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Dehumidification Equipment for Shipyards

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Dehumidification Equipment for Shipyards

Shipyard dehumidifier is a kind of dehumidifying equipment specially used in shipyards, which can effectively control the humidity inside shipyards to ensure the normal production and operation of shipyards. Here is some information about shipyard dehumidifier:

Working Principle: Dehumidifier for shipbuilding factory condenses the moisture in the air into water droplets by refrigeration or adsorption, and then the water droplets are discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.

Application Scenario: Shipbuilding factory dehumidifier is suitable for various places in shipbuilding factory, such as hull workshop, painting workshop, electrical workshop and so on. In these places, humidity control is very important to ensure product quality and productivity.

Suggestions for selection: When choosing a dehumidifier for shipbuilding factory, the following factors need to be considered:

Dehumidifying quantity: according to the actual demand of the shipyard, choose the suitable dehumidifying quantity.

Working environment: Consider the working environment of the shipyard, such as temperature, humidity, corrosiveness, etc., and choose the suitable dehumidifier.

Installation mode: according to the actual situation of shipbuilding factory, choose the suitable installation mode, such as ceiling type, wall mounted type, mobile type, etc..

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Dehumidification Equipment for Shipyards


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