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Converter gas heat recovery heat exchanger for converter steelmaking industry

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Converter steelmaking uses molten iron, scrap steel, and ferroalloy as the main raw materials, without the aid of external energy, relying on the physical heat of the molten iron itself and the chemical reaction between the components of the molten iron to generate heat to complete the steelmaking process in the converter.

Converter fume and dust refers to the brown smoke discharged from the converter blowing process. It is a mixture of furnace gas and soot. The main components are nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. In addition, it also contains a small amount of carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other high-temperature gases and soot.

In order to effectively control the pollution of flue gas nitrogen oxides to the atmospheric environment, all iron and steel plants need to set up new medium-temperature denitrification or medium-low temperature denitrification devices and flue gas waste heat recovery useful GGH devices.

Using high-temperature denitrification to purify the flue gas to heat the low-temperature side raw flue gas and then enter the subsequent denitrification device, recovering excess heat energy and heating the raw flue gas at the same time, overcoming the traditional bare-tube or fin-tube heat exchangers. The consumption of pipes is large and the floor space is large. At the same time, due to the large dust content of the flue gas, it is easy to block the finned tubes, and it is difficult to clean up after the dust is deposited. The plate structure of the preheater used in the denitration device, the flow distribution of the flue gas in the plate is uniform, the running resistance of the flue gas flowing in a straight line along the plate flow channel is small, the design of the flow velocity between the plates is reasonable, and it is not easy to block ash, and the specially designed plate type can improve the flue gas. The turbulent kinetic energy reduces the adhesion of ash fouling and improves the heat transfer efficiency. Off-line or online purging can be set according to the working conditions, reducing the maintenance and replacement cycle of the equipment and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

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