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Common Problems with Air Preheaters

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Common Problems with Air Preheaters

The air preheater refers to the heating surface that preheats the air to a certain temperature through the internal cooling fins before the flue gas in the tail flue of the boiler enters the boiler. It is a device that improves the heat transfer performance of the boiler and reduces energy consumption. Air preheaters are generally divided into plate type, rotary type and tube type.

The air preheater is a device used to transfer the heat energy of the flue gas discharged from the boiler system. The application of the air preheater can improve the heat transfer performance of the boiler system, so it is widely used in the boiler system. There will be some faults and problems during the operation of the air preheater, the following are some common ones.

AIR to Air plate air preheater

1. The air preheater is prone to vibration during operation. The root of this problem lies in the design of the air preheater. The vibration problem during operation should be considered in the design of the air preheater, to avoid the vibration of the air preheater, to choose the airflow velocity reasonably, or to install anti-vibration partitions along the airflow direction.

2. Another common problem with air preheaters is dust clogging. When the air preheater is working, it will come into contact with the flue gas discharged from the boiler and the particulate dust carried in it, and the dust will be blocked if it accumulates for a long time. At the same time, the air preheater may corrode when sulfur dioxide gas is carried in the flue gas discharged from the base boiler, and the corroded material will also form the air preheater.

The way for the air preheater to prevent dust clogging is to install a heater at the air inlet or use hot air recirculation, use low-oxygen combustion and add additives to reduce the generation of sulfur dioxide gas in the flue gas. In addition, regular soot blowing of the air preheater also has a great effect on keeping the air preheater clean.

3. Other common problems with air preheaters are noise and air leakage. The anti-vibration partition installed in the air preheater also plays a great role in reducing and eliminating the noise problem of the air preheater while dealing with the vibration problem. For the air leakage problem of the air preheater, it is necessary to improve the sealing performance of the air preheater from many aspects such as design and operation.


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