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Application of shell-and-tube fin heat exchanger in the recovery of VOCs exhaust gas from automobile painting

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    Automobile painting VOCs waste gas is a large amount of volatile organic waste gas generated during production. Many chemical products are used in the process of painting cars to cover, protect or decorate metal and non-metal surfaces, resulting in a large amount of chemical waste gas. . These chemical waste gases must be treated before they can be discharged. If they are discharged directly, they will not only cause environmental pollution but also bring harm to people's health.

     When dealing with organic waste gas VOCs, the volatile organic waste gas VOCs with large air volume and low concentration is filtered through a high-efficiency filter under the action of the induced draft fan, and then enters the honeycomb activated carbon adsorption module to be adsorbed and concentrated, and the clean air after being adsorbed and purified by activated carbon passes through the chimney into the atmosphere. As time goes on, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is close to saturation. The electronic control system controls the catalytic oxidation furnace to start heating, and at the same time preheats the precious metal catalyst. Heating desorption is carried out, and the high-concentration organic waste gas after desorption is preheated by a heat exchanger and enters a catalytic oxidation furnace for decomposition. The organic waste gas heated to 250-300°C in the catalytic oxidation furnace undergoes flameless combustion under the action of the noble metal catalyst, and the organic waste gas is oxidized and decomposed into CO2 and H2O to achieve the purpose of purification.

     In order to facilitate the actual working conditions of cleaning and maintenance, the shell-and-tube-fin heat exchanger uses gas to go through the tube side and circulating water to go through the shell side. The finned tubes are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which ensures safe, efficient and stable operation.

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