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Ammonia Coolers Applications

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Ammonia Coolers are used in the following main applications:

Cold stores and cold rooms: Ammonia coolers are widely used in cold stores and cold rooms to control ambient temperature and humidity. They ensure that stored food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc. are kept at the right temperature by providing cooling air circulation to extend the shelf life of the goods.

Food processing and food freezing: In the food processing industry, ammonia coolers are used in the preparation, storage and transport of frozen and chilled food. They are able to quickly reduce the temperature of food products, maintain their freshness and quality and extend their shelf life.

Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry requires strict temperature and humidity control to maintain the stability and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products. Ammonia coolers provide efficient cooling capacity to help maintain the temperature conditions required during the storage and production of pharmaceuticals.

Ammonia Coolers

Chemical industry: Many chemicals in the chemical industry are temperature sensitive and require constant storage conditions. Ammonia coolers can be used to control the ambient temperature of chemicals, ensuring their stability and safety.

Industrial refrigeration: Ammonia coolers are widely used in industrial production for refrigeration and cooling processes. For example, they are used in industries such as steel, paper, plastics, chemicals and energy to reduce the temperature of equipment and processes and to protect the proper operation of equipment and the quality of products.

Medical facilities: Hospitals, laboratories and scientific institutions often require precise temperature control to maintain the stability of pharmaceuticals, reagents and biological samples. Ammonia coolers provide efficient cooling capacity to ensure that the internal environment of medical facilities meets requirements and meets the needs of medical and scientific research.

Cryoprocessing: In some industries, ammonia coolers are used for freezing materials and products. For example, the freezing stage, commonly used in freeze drying technology, requires the use of ammonia coolers to rapidly reduce the temperature of the material for the subsequent freeze drying process.

Aerospace: In the aerospace sector, ammonia coolers are used to control the temperature of vehicles, satellites and space probes. They provide the necessary cooling and thermal management to ensure the proper operation of equipment under extreme conditions.

Other special applications: Ammonia coolers can also be used in other special industries and applications. For example, in the manufacture of electronic equipment, ammonia coolers are used to dissipate heat to prevent the equipment from overheating; in refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets and shopping malls, ammonia coolers are used to keep food products on display at low temperatures, etc.


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