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Air Conditioning system for Cannabis Crop

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Air Conditioning system for Cannabis Crop

Having a cool, well-ventilated space is crucial for the health of your marijuana plants. The following are some things to think about when choosing an HVAC system for a marijuana grow room:

In order for marijuana plants to flourish, the temperature must be kept between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celsius). An HVAC system equipped with a thermostat and other temperature controls can be utilized to keep the interior at the desired level of comfort.

Marijuana plants need to be grown in an environment with controlled humidity. Marijuana plants thrive in a moist environment with a relative humidity of 40-60%. A humidistat integrated into the air conditioning system can help keep the humidity at just the right level for the plants.

Filtration of the air is important since marijuana plants emit a pungent odor that can be a nuisance to producers. Air conditioners that include filters might be useful for eliminating odors and keeping the air clean.

Marijuana plants can't flourish without adequate ventilation. One way to keep the air conditioned space at a comfortable temperature and humidity level is to use an air conditioning system with built-in fans.

Save money on electricity bills by installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system in your marijuana grow area.

The size of the grow room, the number of plants, and the equipment should all be taken into account when deciding on an air conditioning system. To keep the air conditioner running smoothly and free of mold and germs, routine maintenance and cleaning are essential.

Vrcooler is a leading HVAC manufacturer; we designed our state-of-the-art, cannabis-specific air conditioner with precise temperature and humidity control in mind. A time- and date-specific temperature can be set via remote control (up to 20 time periods can be set). Even when temperatures drop to -15 degrees Celsius, the Vrcooler air conditioner will continue to function normally.

An all-in-one climate control system for cannabis growth (7)


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