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Air Conditioner for Greenhouses

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Growing plants in a greenhouse is primarily done to protect them from harmful outside influences and reduce their reliance on the environment. The biggest factor, the climate, then enters the picture. The three main types of greenhouse air conditioning systems are greenhouse heating, greenhouse cooling, and greenhouse humidification systems.

System for heating greenhouses

Every plant has a specific temperature range that it needs for growth and fruiting; maintaining this range optimally is crucial for production efficiency. However, because greenhouses are easy to heat and cool, there are some requirements for heating;

The greenhouse's temperature should be controlled independently of the weather outside.

The greenhouse must maintain the predetermined temperature consistently.

It must function effectively, and fuel must be available quickly and affordably.

In order to achieve this, we went into great detail about the value of planning in our earlier articles, Greenhouse Project Preparation and Greenhouse Construction. The greenhouse covering material, the shape of the roof, the length of the greenhouse, and the height of the greenhouse should all be chosen in the most appropriate manner in accordance with the current climatic conditions for effective and affordable heating.

An all-in-one climate control system for cannabis growth

To keep the air and gas balance in a greenhouse in a healthy state, a greenhouse air conditioner is used.

When humidity levels are kept at their ideal levels for each plant, the plant is protected from freezing events in the winter due to abrupt drops in humidity and yield reductions in the summer due to overheating, all while maintaining thermal equilibrium within the plant. Additionally, the environment's high humidity levels can hasten the spread of disease inside the greenhouse. Very significant.

Gaining high production efficiencies while preserving plant health is possible with the right air conditioning and greenhouse automation systems. Important for producers and plant yields.


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