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AHU Coil to Increase Cooling Surfaces in Onboard AHUs

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AHU Coil to Increase Cooling Surfaces in Onboard AHUs

The on-board AHU (Air Handling Unit) is a key piece of equipment used to process the air in an aircraft to ensure a comfortable cabin environment and pilot safety. The interior of the AHU includes cooling elements such as condensers and evaporators to regulate and control the air temperature. In this environment, coils are an important component used to increase the cooling surface area.

DX(Direct Expansion) Coil for AHU

AHU coils are typically used in two main areas:

1. Evaporator: In an airborne AHU, the evaporator is used to cool the air, transferring heat from the air to the coolant. The interior of the evaporator consists of coils or coils, and by circulating the coolant through these coils, the surface area can be increased, thereby increasing the heat exchange efficiency. When warm air passes through these coils, the coolant evaporates, absorbing heat and lowering the temperature of the air, thus achieving a cooling effect.

2. Condenser: The condenser is typically used to control the temperature and humidity inside the onboard AHU. In a condenser, coils or coils are also used to cool and condense moisture, thereby reducing humidity levels. By increasing the surface area of the coils, the condenser is able to handle moisture more efficiently, ensuring that humidity levels inside the cabin are maintained at the proper level.

AHU coils are a key component used to increase the cooling surface area inside the onboard AHU. They play an important role in regulating and controlling air temperature as well as humidity, helping to maintain a comfortable environment inside the aircraft and ensuring the safety and comfort of pilots and passengers.


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