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What is immersion cooling technology?

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What is immersion cooling technology?

Submerged cooling technology is a method of cooling in which the heat sink component is completely submerged in a liquid. This technique is often used in applications with high heat dissipation requirements, such as high power electronics, power electronics, engines and industrial equipment.

In submerged cooling technology, the heat sink component (e.g. heat sink or heatsink) is completely submerged in a liquid medium so that it comes into contact with the liquid and transfers heat to the liquid by conduction. The liquid medium is usually a coolant with good heat transfer properties, e.g. oil, water, liquid nitrogen, etc.

Immersion cooling technology works by absorbing and dispersing heat through the high heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the liquid, thus cooling the heat sink components. After the liquid has absorbed the heat from the surface of the heat sink component, it will carry the heat away by convection or pumping and then dissipate it through the cooling system.

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This cooling technology has several advantages:

Efficient cooling: as the heat sink component is completely submerged in the liquid, it is able to absorb and transfer heat more efficiently, providing a high level of cooling effectiveness.

Uniform cooling: the liquid covers the entire surface of the cooling component evenly, ensuring uniform cooling of the entire component and avoiding hot spots or uneven temperatures.

Noise reduction: Submerged cooling technology often reduces the noise generated by fans or ducts compared to air cooling.

Increased reliability: Immersion cooling technology provides better protection of the cooling components from the external environment, increasing the reliability and lifetime of the equipment.


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