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What is a dry cooler? How does it work?

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What is a dry cooler? How does it work?

A Dry Cooler is a device used to dissipate heat and is commonly used in industrial production, cooling systems, and air conditioning systems. In contrast to traditional cooling towers, dry coolers do not use water, but rather air to dissipate heat, which is why they are also known as air coolers or air chillers.

Dry coolers work similarly to a car radiator, cooling down the coolant or industrial fluid by flowing the coolant or industrial fluid from the heat exchanger through pipes in the radiator and using a fan outside the radiator to remove the heat. The cooling efficiency of a dry cooler is affected by a variety of factors such as ambient temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc., so these factors need to be taken into account when designing and selecting a dry cooler.

Dry coolers have a number of advantages over traditional cooling towers, such as not requiring additional pumps, water treatment equipment and water quality monitoring equipment, making them easier to use and allowing them to be used in arid areas or where water is scarce.

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