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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger for Dryers Rapeseed

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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger for Dryers Rapeseed

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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger for Dryers Rapeseed

1. Heat exchanger for GREENHOUSE,timber dryer,dry kiln,gravure printing M/C,rotogravure printing machine M/C;
2. Heat exchanger for printing and dyeing M/C,dyeing and finishing M/C,hot air stenter M/C,heat framing M/C, drying M/C, textile printing M/C - flat bed printing M/C,roto screen printing M/C,
3. Heat exchanger for drying foodstuff, tea leaf,air conditioner;
4. Heat exchanger for airflow drying starch(starch dryer) and feedstuff,  paper M/C, coating M/C;
5. Heat exchanger for vegetable dehydration tunnel, oven drying
6. Drying machine for plastic & leather guniting
7. Wood grain paper printing machine, pharmacy industry
8. Heat exchanger for stickiness coating machine and dry-type compound machine
9. Heat exchanger for CAC heating and refrigeration
10. Heat exchanger for workshop constant temperature warming
11. Heat exchanger for drying and cooling brewer's malt
12. Heat exchanger for tobacco splitting,swelling & drying
13. Heat exchanger for timber drying stove
14. Heat exchanger for drying dyestuff,chemical fiber,soda,latex,PVC,glutin
15. Heat exchanger for spray drying dairy produce and milk powder
16. For leather finishing M/C,blanket setting machine, Laminating M/C, Oven


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