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Evaporators for refrigerated butchers' food, export to Uruguay

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Evaporators for refrigerated butchers' food, export to Uruguay

Evaporators for refrigerated butchers' food, export to Uruguay

Evaporators used to refrigerate slaughtered foods are an important part of the refrigeration system, helping to maintain proper storage temperatures, extend shelf life and ensure the freshness and safety of perishable meat products. Slaughter meat requires careful temperature control to prevent spoilage, bacterial growth and to maintain the desired product quality.

Here's how evaporators work in refrigeration systems for storing slaughtered foods:

1. **Heat removal:

The evaporator is located in a refrigerated space, such as a walk-in cooler or cold room. It contains the coils or tubes through which the refrigerant flows. The temperature and pressure of the refrigerant inside the coil is lower than the air in the storage area.

2. **Air circulation:

A fan or blower circulates air across the evaporator coil. When warm air from the storage area comes in contact with the cold evaporator coil, heat is transferred from the air to the refrigerant in the coil.

3. **Evaporation:

When heat is transferred from the air to the refrigerant, the refrigerant undergoes a phase change from a liquid to a gas (evaporation). This phase change absorbs heat from the surrounding air, causing the air temperature to drop.

4. **Cooling effect:

The cooled air is then circulated back into the storage area, lowering the temperature of the space and the stored slaughtered food.

5. **Humidity Control:

The evaporator also acts as an air dehumidifier, helping to reduce moisture levels in the storage area. Lower humidity levels prevent excessive moisture build-up, which helps extend the shelf life of meat products.

6. **Defrost:

During operation, frost may build up on the evaporator coil due to the humidity in the storage area. Regular defrost cycles are necessary to eliminate frost build-up and ensure efficient evaporator operation.

Choosing the right evaporator to refrigerate slaughtered food requires consideration of factors such as the size of the storage area, the required cooling capacity, temperature control accuracy and energy efficiency. A wide range of evaporator types are available, including air-cooled, electric defrost, hot gas defrost and slimline designs. Proper installation, maintenance and regular cleaning of evaporator coils are critical to ensure optimal performance and food safety.

Overall, a well-designed and functioning evaporator is critical to maintaining the quality and safety of slaughtered foods during cold storage.


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